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Meet Pedro Garcia

Pedro started Jiu-Jitsu a couple of months ago and since then he changed his life. He lost 12kg and he is happier and healthier than he has ever been.

Below is the testimonial he sent to us.


“I just wanna thank Gracie Barra Newcastle City for this amazing time that I’m having doing JiuJitsu. Today I got my second stripe! This might not mean much to you but for me it means heaps! It means that now I’m healthier, I’ve stopped being sick all the time, I have more energy to do my work, and also I improved my mental health because I can discharge all my stress of being a PhD student! But also I have to mention the awesome environment of the gym, everyone from the professor Guga to every single student is just amazing people. They are interested in help you improve your skills, not just your skills in Brazilian JiuJitsu but also skills for life such as friendship, discipline and respect. I’m so happy to be part of the Gracie Barra Newcastle family, and my journey in JiuJitsu is just beginning! I can’t wait to discover what’s next!”


Get inspired! Jiu-jitsu can change your life too!



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