Private Lessons are a great way to accelerate and personalize your BJJ learning experience. Tailor your private lessons to suit your own game and the areas you need to improve in. Each Jiu Jitsu player has their own style that suits their preferences, body type, flexibility etc and private lessons are the perfect place to figure those things out and enhance them with expert advise. 

Coach Raphael Fabres

Coach Rapha is a 3 stripe Brown belt who began Jiu Jistu at the age of 13 under the watchful eye of his father, 4th Degree Black Belt, Luiz Antonio of Alliance.

Since coming to Australia he has studied with Professor Guga at Gracie Barra Newcastle City and has enjoyed teaching students every day, of all ages and all experience levels. 

Favourite Techniques to teach:

Rapha enjoys old-school pressure techniques, as anyone who has been under his side-control can tell you. Along with pressure passing, he enjoys closed guard attacks like armbars and is always satisfied by a well-executed sweep of a larger opponent, utilising De La Riva, Lasoo and spider guard. Many of Rapha's favourite submissions come in the form of Lapel chokes, katagatamis, wristlocks and he has a wide number of variations to teach.


What can Students Expect:

Give Rapha an idea of where you want to improve your BJJ game and he will work with you to achieve your goals.

Contact him directly on : 0410 202 506

Professor Dave Brooksbank

Dave is a 2nd Degree Black Belt with 20 years of experience

  • Pan Am Champion
  • Asian Open Champion
  • MMA fight experience
  • Australian Sambo Champion

Private lessons can help you improve faster, NOW! Without a doubt, the fastest way to improve your Jiu-Jitsu is through private lessons. Whether looking to add a new technique to your game or developing a game plan for an upcoming competition, I can help you get there. With individualized training and witty banter to suit every student of any age or gender I can assure you, you will not regret doing a Private Session.

Contact Dave:  or   0450 647 041